elentless pursuit of innovation and performance. Products that are always pushing the limits. Uncompromising attention to detail. Highest level of craftsmanship, engineering and design. Simply put, R metalwoods are built for the best players in the world and those who demand the best.

2001 The R300 Series featured three separate drivers, the 300 Ti, 320 Ti and 360 Ti. These were the first TaylorMade drivers to meet or exceed the USGA COR limit (at the time the R&A did not impose COR limits). Each of the three models was designed with a unique head size, shape, weight distribution, lie angle and shaft length to optimize a particular player’s unique launch condition.

2002 Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) took center stage with the introduction of the R500 series. ICT, which is still incorporated into all TaylorMade titanium drivers today, maximizes the COR zone, essentially expanding the sweet spot to protect ball speed on off-center hits. The R580 drivers were the first TaylorMade drivers to reach the 400 cc barrier and also featured tuned weight cartridges allowing for custom swing weighting.

2003 Perhaps the most iconic shape introduced, the R510 TP still holds a special place in the hearts of TaylorMade fans and avid golfers. Known for its awe-inspiring look, incredible sound and feel, the R510 TP was the first TaylorMade driver to gain mass adoption at the highest levels of competition.

Mike Weir | 2003 Masters Champion | R580 TP

2004 The driver that changed everything: the r7 quad driver was the first to have “Movable Weight Technology (MWT),” a technology still used today. The power was now in the golfer’s hands to reposition weight in the club head to optimize launch conditions.

Sergio Garcia | 2004 Byron Nelson Champion | r7 Quad

2005 Named after its 425cc head size, the r7 425 featured an exceptionally high MOI making it exceptionally forgiving on off-center hits. By using Ultra-Thin Wall (UTW) technology and pull-face ICT construction, engineers were able to save more than 40 grams of weight, which went back into the Movable Weight cartridges, empowering the golfer to adjust their shot shape movement up to 13 yards (30%) more than original r7 Quad.

2006 Featuring an exceptionally low-deep CG, the r7 460 was the first 460cc driver to feature Movable Weight Technology – a true engineering feat.

2007 The next generation of Movable Weight Technology, the R7 Superquad was the first 460cc driver with four movable weights totaling 26 grams (two 12-gram weights and two 1-gram weights).

2008 The r7 CGB Max line ushered in another layer of adjustability from TaylorMade. Featuring the first interchangeable hosel system, golfers could remove the driver head completely and customize between three different shaft offerings.

2009 The R9, elegantly shaped with a 400cc head size, incorporated our first loft sleeve to change both loft and face angle. Now the golfer could change face angle, lie angle and loft to dial in the perfect launch conditions.

2010 Checking in at the legal limit for head size and speed, the R9 460 was the ultimate in customization and adjustability. As a result, it was easily the No. 1 driver choice at the professional level.

Martin Kaymer | 2010 PGA Champion | R9

2011 TaylorMade revolutionized the golf industry with the introduction of the R11, our most technical driver ever and we painted the crown WHITE. Need we say more?

Darren Clark | 2010 Open Champion | R11

2012 The R11S was the most tunable driver to date featuring a 12 position adjustable loft sleeve, a 5 position Adjustable Sole Plate and Movable Weight Technology. The Adjustable Sole Plate was an industry first, which allowed the golfer to adjust the face to one of five angles +/- 3°.

2013 The R1 was the one driver model that could be tuned to fit Tour pros and amateurs alike. Equipped with Loft Sleeve Technology, R1 promoted optimal launch angle by offering 12 loft settings between 8° and 12°.

Justin Rose | 2013 U.S. Open Champion | R1

2015 TaylorMade has combined 15 years of innovation, everything that has made TaylorMade drivers great, and delivered it in one club. Introducing the R15, a driver made of greatness.



Our most technologically
advanced driver ever.



The has everything.
Without it you don't.



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