Lethal Golf Ball

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Lethal Golf Ball

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Lethal Golf Ball

The Ultimate Tour Performance Golf Ball


Lethal golf ball's revolutionary 5-Layer Construction, Progressive Velocity Technology and Seamless LDP 322 dimple pattern work in conjunction to promote game-changing performance.


Lethal combines the most penetrating, wind-defying flight of any TaylorMade ball with the kind of greenside feel and spin that Tour professionals demand, making it the ultimate Tour performance ball.

  • 5-Layer Technology promotes optimum spin control off every club.
  • Seamless LDP (Low-Drag Performance) dimple pattern promotes the most penetrating flight of any TaylorMade ball.
  • STA-White™ cast-urethane cover material promotes optimum feel and Tour-calibur spin.
  • Progressive Velocity provides outstanding velocity for any given Swing Speed.

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