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M1 Fairway

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The all-new M1 fairway delivers power and personalization through multi-material construction and improved adjustability. Constructed with a 450 stainless steel body and strong Ni-Co C300 face, the 2017 M1 fairway features the same 6-layer Carbon composite crown as the M1 driver. Completely redesigned and reshaped from last year’s fairway, the new M1 fairway includes a more intuitive sliding weight system and a new open-channel Speed Pocket designed to deliver more ball speed & more forgiveness.


Similar to the M1 driver, a carbon fiber crown is bonded onto the head of the new M1 fairway by way of the same FF2FF manufacturing process. With multi-material construction, a sliding weight track, a Speed Pocket, and FF2FF bonding, M1 is TaylorMade’s longest adjustable fairway.


TaylorMade. #1 Fairway in GolfTM


Key Technologies:


  • 6-layer carbon composite crown saves weight for lower CG
  • 25g sliding weight track for L-to-R adjustability
  • Open-channel Speed Pocket for increased forgiveness
  • New 4° aluminum Loft Sleeve for loft and face angle adjustment
  • 30+ no-upcharge aftermarket shafts
  • Available in 15° (3), 17° (3HL), and 19° (5) options
  • Premium components are offered as stock options, with a MRC Kuro Kage Silver TiNi Fairway 70g shaft in R, S & X flexes as well as a 60g A-flex
  • All models come equipped with a Lamkin UTx cord grip
M1 FAIRWAY 3 - 15° YES 56° - 60° 150CC 43.25" D4
M1 FAIRWAY 3HL - 17° NO 56° - 60° 151CC 43.25" D4
M1 FAIRWAY 5 - 19° YES 57° - 61° 132CC 42.25" D4