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TM22 WDG TC519 V9824609 My Hi Toe3 LFS JPO 04523 v1

Put Your Spin On It

With a personalized MyHi-Toe 3 wedge, you can put your own spin on it. Choose the finish, select the paint fill, and engrave custom text or images.

TM22 WDG TC519 V9824609 My Hi Toe3 LFS JPO 04429 v1

Personalized Performance

A wedge is one of the most personal items in the bag. It has to look right and feel right. Choose from four different finishes, 15 different paint fills and engrave custom text or images. Complete the package by selecting the grip and shaft of your choice.

TM22 WDG TC519 V9824609 My Hi Toe3 LFS JPO 04403 v1

Loft & Bounce Options

Select from more than a dozen loft and bounce combinations to find the wedges that complete your set and fit your game. The four-way camber allows for a wide sole with a low leading edge, which delivers optimal performance across a variety of lies and playing conditions.

  • Raised Micro-Ribs

    Milled ribs positioned between the full grooves add texture to the face and are designed for increased spin and improved performance on partial shots around the green. The larger ZTP RAW Grooves feature radii further engineered for optimal spin in various conditions.

  • Full Length Scoring Lines

    Full length scoring lines on wedges of 54° and higher help generate spin around the green when the face is rotated open on shorter shots.

  • Higher CG for Lower Launch

    The Hi-Toe 3 design is taller in the toe area* (66mm) and is engineered to create better spin and launch results. The added weight pad in the toe area helps move the center of gravity closer to the middle of the face to further optimize launch and spin with premium feel.

    *Compared to MG3

  • RAW Face Technology

    RAW Face Technology is designed for increased spin and feel with sharper, narrower and deeper grooves in the face, as well as laser etched precision. The face rusts* over time, preserving spin properties and providing a time-honored look preferred by many Tour professionals.

  • Milled Grind

    Made from a soft 8620 carbon steel, Milled Grind wedges ensure precision where it matters most. The milling process maximizes consistency, crafting each sole for repeatable performance and turf interaction, obtaining tolerance levels difficult for a human to repeat.

  • Bounce Options

    Multiple bounce options include standard, low and high. Each one is optimized for improved turf interaction and bounce application for certain swing types and playing conditions.

STANDARD BOUNCE 54° 10° 35.25" 64° RH D5 8620 Carbon Steel
STANDARD BOUNCE 56° 10° 35.25" 64° RH/LH D5 8620 Carbon Steel
STANDARD BOUNCE 58° 10° 35.25" 64° RH D5 8620 Carbon Steel
STANDARD BOUNCE 60° 10° 35" 64° RH/LH D5 8620 Carbon Steel


Custom Options
kbs Hi Rev 115
kbs Hi Rev 115
FlexWeightTorqueHead CompatibilityLaunchSpin
Crossline 360
Crossline 360
ModelColorSizeWeightRound/ReminderButt SizeFeelLogo
Crossline 360BlackStandard52gRound.580TexturedLamkin