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The Power of Personalization

The most powerful part of the game will always be putting. It has the power to save rounds, to get people on their feet and to win championships. That’s why we pushed the limits of technology and craftsmanship with the all-new MySpider GTX – one of TaylorMade’s most advanced and stable putters combined with endless options to personalize.

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Achieve the ultimate in personalization with MySpider GTX. You have the freedom to design a putter that perfectly fits your style and needs, with the ability to personalize more than a dozen elements including the head color, sightline, face insert color, backbar and more. Create the perfect flatstick for your game and enjoy the unique precision and performance of a putter designed by you.

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Design a putter that makes you feel confident over the ball. Select from 13 different head colors, 14 color options for True Path or no True Path at all. In addition to the variety of aesthetics, MySpider GTX comes with four hosel options: short slant, L-neck (RH only), single bend and center shaft (RH only).

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MySpider GTX features a PureRoll² insert crafted from TPU urethane with aluminum beams positioned at a 45° angle for consistent end-over-end roll. Choose from 22 assorted color options and create a design that is unique to you.

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Choose your True Path™ and then select from five sightline options: short line, single line, single dot, triple dot or a clean look with no sightline. Create a design that fits your eye, while helping you align with your target and visualize the ball’s path to the hole.

TM23 PTR My Spider GTX Red LYD BMW04443 v1
TM23 PTR My Spider GTX Light Blue LYD BMW04220 v1
TM23 PTR My Spider GTX Pink LYD BMW04174 v1
TM23 PTR My Spider GTX Navy Black Teal LYD BMW04580 v1 1
TM23 PTR My Spider GTX Bright Yellow LYD BMW04349 v1
Short SlantRH/LH18°32"-37"2.5°70°
Single BendRH/LHFace Balanced32"-37"2.5°70°
Center ShaftRHFace Balanced°32"-37"2.5°70°
L NeckRH16°32"-37"2.5°70°


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