Additional Information

Additional Information

MySpider X Features & Technologies

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Personalized Performance

MySpider X is the next generation in our MySpider line of putters. Featuring our tour proven Pure Roll insert, the possibilities are nearly endless in your ability to customize your next putter. MySpider X allows you to personalize through color, sightline, weights, and more! You also have the option to create your putter with our new optically engineered True Path alignment system for improved putting accuracy.

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Available Hosels

Short Slant (we call the stock version "small slant") - With 30° of Toe Hang, this hosel is designed for the player that has an arcing putting stroke.

Single Bend - Face Balanced, designed for the player who prefers to putt with a "straight back, straight through" stroke.

Flow Neck - Provides more traditional hosel engagement with moderate toe hang for the player that has a slightly arcing putting stroke.

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Color Options

White, Black, Tour Red, Red, Silver, Gold, Pink, Yellow, Light Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Copper, Midnight Blue, Blue.



Short Slant RH/LH 30° ¾ Shaft 32" - 36" 355g SuperStoke GTR 1.0
Single Bend RH/LH Face Balanced Full Shaft 32" - 36" 355g SuperStoke GTR 1.0
Flow Neck RH 23° Full Shaft 32" - 36" 355g SuperStoke GTR 1.0