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Tradition All Your Own CMS
A Tradition All Your Own

A putter is one of the most personal items in the bag. It has to look right and feel right. With MyTP, now you have the chance to personalize your putter more than ever. Choose from two traditional blade shapes and select from multiple finishes, paint fills, sightlines, weights, hosels and more.
With MyTP, you can design a putter that fits your game and your eye.

Classic Shapes CMS
Classic Shapes

Classic performance with a personal touch. Start your design with a either the Juno or Soto putter head. Juno is defined by its squared and compact contours, with an appearance that mirrors its precise mechanical construction. Soto offers a classic and clean design. Utilizing short and rounded contours to provide a smooth appearance at address. Various neck and hosel options are available.

Premium Finish CMS
Premium Finishes

A traditional Classic Silver finish provides an elegant distinction and a touch of class. A contemporary Jet Black finish brings a rugged look with reduced-glare functionality.

Personal Touches CMS

Decide the perfect alignment aid for your eye with six different sightline options and complete the design by choosing from 12 paint fills.

Personal Touches CMS
Personal Touches

Almost every element of this putter can be made your own. Personalize the face insert, TP badge, screws in the back cavity, as well as the TaylorMade logo and Juno/Soto insignia on the sole and create a custom message with characters (4) on both the toe and heel bumpers.

Model Hosel Hand Toe Hang OFFSET LOFT LIE
TP Juno L Neck L-Neck RH 36° Full Shaft 3.5° 70°
TP Juno Long NeckLong Neck RH 25° Full Shaft 3.5° 70°
TP Soto Flow NeckFlow Neck RH 47° Full Shaft 3.5° 70°
TP Soto Long NeckLong Neck RH 20° Full Shaft 3.5° 70°


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