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It’s not always SIMple to determine which iron is right for your game. Golfers can have a SIMbiotic relationship with their clubs, or the equipment can be counterproductive to their swing. The latter of which may be troubleSIM.

Ok, ok…I’m done.

Let’s get serious. Many golfers have asked us: “How do I select between the SIM Max and the SIM Max OS irons? Which one is right for my game?” The purpose of this article is to identify the differences and SIMilarities between the two irons, while helping you find the right fit for your swing.

Ok, now I’m really done. Couldn’t resist.

SIM Max vs. SIM Max OS

Screen Shot 2020 02 26 at 6 18 12 PM

SIM Max and Max OS rely on similar technology to generate performance. In both models, the Speed Bridge and the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket combine to produce explosive distance, enhanced sound and forged-like feel in the distance iron category.

How does it work? The Speed Bridge spans across the cavity back of the iron, connecting the back bar to the topline to prevent unwanted vibrations while also improving stability in the upper face.

Thanks to the face stability offered by Speed Bridge, our engineers were able to incorporate a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket. It stretches from heel to toe and completely disconnects the leading edge from the sole of the iron, which in essence creates a free-floating face. The collaborative technologies allow the face to hinge upon the topline for enhanced flexibility, more ball speed and greater forgiveness on shots struck below center.

This design helps check the No. 1 box in the distance iron category: DISTANCE. But what makes the SIM Max and Max OS particularly unique is the all-new ECHO Damping System (pictured below) that sits behind the clubface and stretches from heel to toe. This innovation is really the key to providing the great sound and forged-like feel in these irons.

Screen Shot 2020 02 26 at 6 17 16 PM

Collectively, these three technologies reduce unwanted vibrations at impact and allow the golfer to get feedback on the strike – a performance characteristic commonly reserved for forged irons.

The last commonality between in two is Progressive Inverted Cone Technology. This design shifts the sweet spot slightly toe-ward on the longer irons. Our data shows that golfers have a greater tendency to hit long irons on the toe, so we gave them help where they need it the most.

Now let’s shift to the differences.

As the OS name may suggest, SIM Max OS is an oversized iron head. It has a taller face to increase stability, a wider sole for forgiving turf interaction and a larger sweetspot. The wider sole design also helped us drive CG lower and deeper to promote easier launch. Finally, SIM Max OS irons have stronger lofts that protect the trajectory and produce a penetrating ball flight. Our testing shows that SIM Max OS is the longest iron in our current lineup.

Choosing the Right Set for You

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Both SIM Max and SIM Max OS are incredibility forgiving irons that are easy to hit. Plus, they go far and feel great. Choosing the right set comes down to matching the needs of your game with the performance qualities of each model. Ultimately, the best way to ensure you’re getting the right club for you is to visit your closest TaylorMade certified clubfitter. But, for the sake of time, here’s the quick rundown of how you can match your needs to the right SIM iron:

  • SIM Max: Precision accuracy, easy-to-hit and incredible feel
  • SIM Max OS: Sudden launch, max distance and extreme forgiveness
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