March 5, 2022
Building Rory McIlroy's Stealth Driver
Rory McIlroy is one of the best drivers of the golf ball in the history of the game, and this year he's been using the all-new Stealth Plus Driver from TaylorMade Golf. Rory's game demands that his equipment be up to the task of making the most of his insane skills. That's where our Tour department, and people like Chris Trott come in to play. Watch as Trottie describes in great detail how Rory's new driver is built from the ground up, including details on his his Fujikura Ventus shaft, the way he likes his grip built up to dialing in the precise swing weight Rory likes to feel. With it's 60X Carbon Twist Face for more efficient energy transfer and faster ball speed, it's easy to see why Stealth Driver made it into Rory's bag to start the 2022 season.

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