The soft-hearted Texan doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, but Scottie Scheffler’s 3-wood was a weapon during his assault on Augusta. En route to winning his first major in dominant fashion (four-putting the final hole to win by three is a hard flex), Scheffler hit Stealth 3-wood 15 times across the entire week. On those set of holes, we was a combined 5-under par and only missed one fairway while averaging 289 when hitting it off the tee.

Here's a full breakdown of when he hit the club, how it performed and the result on each hole.

1 2 Tee 303 Fairway Par
1 8 2nd 257 To 19 Feet Birdie
1 10 Tee 300 Fairway Par
1 13 Tee 255 Fairway Par
1 17 Tee 291 Fairway Birdie
2 10 Tee 309 Fairway Par
2 13 Tee 271 Fairway Birdie
3 10 Tee 305 Fairway Par
3 13 Tee 252 Right Fairway Par
3 17 Tee 291 Fairway Birdie
4 7 Tee 314 Fairway Birdie
4 10 Tee 307 Fairway Bogey
4 13 Tee 275 Fairway Par
4 14 Tee 307 Fairway Birdie
4 17 Tee 275 Pinestraw Par

It’s noteworthy that he reached for 3-wood each round on holes 10 and 13 – which notoriously require a draw. As a player who generally prefers hitting a cut, he found it easier to sling those the right-to-left trajectories through the Georgia pines with a 3-wood. Scheffler teamed with TaylorMade’s Senior Tour Reps Adrian Rietveld and Todd Chew to build the club in the weeks prior to the major. While gearing up for competition, Scheffler put in so much practice that the club was re-gripped before he went inside the ropes.

What’s the story behind the build of his 3HL Stealth fairway?

3wd Scottie Sole

His previous 3-wood was approximately 12.5° of loft, and, frankly, a Stealth head with similar loft went too far and shrunk the gap between his driver and 3-wood. Our best solution was taking a Stealth 3HL 16.5° head, making the length an inch shorter and bending the loft 15°.

“After testing the Stealth 15.0° head in the preseason, which was simply going too far for the types of shots Scottie was trying to hit, in Palm Springs at The American Express we built him a Stealth 3HL 16.5° head with a Ventus 8X shaft. His previous 3-Wood was about 12.5° of loft and in order to match launch conditions and distance with Stealth, we had to go to the 3HL, make it an inch shorter and finish the loft at 15°. We were really close with matching launch conditions, which was important to Scottie. It was coming out of a different window because of the difference in loft in the heads and he has since been able to figure out how to flight it the way he wants to.” – Todd Chew, TaylorMade Senior Tour Manager

In addition, the 16.5° Stealth head is more of a weapon for Scottie because of the distance and height capability he can tap when he needs it. That is the benefit of taking a lot of the spin out of the head and being able to use more loft compared to older technology. With the previous club, you wouldn’t want to launch it higher in the air because it would spin too much. However, with the advanced technology TaylorMade’s R&D team was able to deploy into the Stealth fairways that takes so much spin out of the club, Scottie can use more loft to make the club more playable and versatile. See his full spec sheet below:

Scottie Fariway Set Up
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