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Selecting the right putter can be a bit like walking through a minefield, so TaylorMade Tour Representative Mark Thistleton is here to talk you through 8 reasons on why you should game Spider GT.

TM22 PTR Spider GT Core Family LFS JPO 01641
Modern Design on a TaylorMade Cult Classic

Spider Tour and Spider X have been hugely successful for TaylorMade, and now Spider GT offers a modern design on the TaylorMade cult classic! It can be difficult in any industry to spot the market trends and continue developments following up on popular models. But as with anything - your phone, your car, your driver - designs and trends are always evolving and I believe the GT has it just right in delivering a modern aesthetic while maintaining its classic Spider DNA.

TM22 PTR Spider GT Core Family LFS JPO 01860
Options, Options, Options

With 4 colorways to choose from, 5 neck options to suit all stroke types (short slant, long slant, center shaft, single bend and L-neck) as well as a variety of top line options, you really can choose the look and style of Spider GT to suit your eye and most importantly your stroke.

From a fitting perspective, it is the easiest and most fun putter to work with. Rather than having to steer players to a different model if the neck or top line doesn’t suit them, within 10 minutes on a putting green I can tell you what style neck suits your stroke and what alignment option best suits your eye, so all you need to do is pick the color!

TM22 PTR TA407 Spider GT Red Single Bend LFS JPO 01704

Let's get into the tech side of things. At its core, Spider has always been about stability. Simply put, the further out and back you get the weight on a putter, the more stable the hitting area becomes. Meaning straighter and better paced putts from off center hits.

GT takes this as far as we have gone in terms of extreme perimeter weighting. Heavy steel side wings with added tungsten weight to the rear of the wings drags weight further back, while a hollow lightweight aluminium body means the Spider GT offers our most stable putter to date.

TM21 PTR GT Putter LFS DKM 05122 V1
Getting a better roll on your putts

Continuing the technical talk, our Pure Roll² insert offers superior forward roll when compared to a face without grooves. We have tested and tested this internally and time and again, the Pure Roll face offers golfers a better roll on their putts.

The most difficult thing is to get the touch and sound just right when adding an insert to a putter. Too soft and there is no sound or feedback, too hard and the hit becomes faster and the benefit of the groves is lost. With the new Pure Roll² insert, R&D worked hard on the sound, just as we would with a driver, delivering a firmer urethane insert that delivers on performance while giving that subtle sound to the hit which corresponds to feel for the golfer.

TM22 PTR TA367 Spider GT Rollback Silver Blk No3 LFS JPO 01434
Easy Alignment

Regardless of whether you go for the full line, short line or even no top line at all, the shaping of the GT with the rear wings and the subtle etching out at the rear of the center body offer a fantastic alignment aid.

TM21 PTR Womens GT Putter LFS BMW 00379 v1
Fresh Look and Feel

An anodized aluminum finish means chips, scratches and marks are a thing of the past. The putter is finished with a premium aluminum as opposed to paint or PVD as with previous models, meaning it will not chip or scratch and will look fresher for longer.

TM22 PTR My Spider GT Family LFS BMW 00682 v1

We have touched on the options available for your stroke and alignment, but you can really get personal with GT through our MYSPIDER GT offering. Choose every detail of your putter from personalized stamping and color fill to what headcover you want.

Stamping of names or initials is something we have offered on Tour for a while now and it seemed natural to bring it golfers at every level. Now you can get Tour-level personalization on your new putter.

TM22 PTR Spider GT Group Family LFS JPO 01828
It's an All Rounder

In our experience, great putting comes down to 3 things:

  1. Green reading and assessment of the surface.
  2. Aim and starting the ball on your intended line.
  3. Pace.

Spider GT is the best tool we have available to help you with two of these three elements of putting. It is easy to align and stable, meaning it is more likely to start on your intended line. Then with the Pure Roll² grooves and stability features, pace will become far more consistent. Meaning all you have to worry about is the green reading!

In my opinion, every amateur can benefit from using a mallet putter and the GT is the most complete mallet on the market today.

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