August 10, 2022
Some of the Most Versatile Wedges We've Ever Made
What are the keys to a great short game? Versatility and imagination. The creativity to envision a variety of shots along with the tools to pull them off. Introducing Hi-Toe 3 wedges from TaylorMade. Swiss-Armify your game with one tool for all the shots. Tricky shots around the green require deft touch, or a wedge artfully designed to navigate any situation. With full face scoring lines and Tour-proven raised micro-ribs, Hi-Toe 3 generates saucy spin around the greens when the face is rotated open. Hi-Toe 3 has a higher center of gravity than a traditionally shaped wedge. It is designed to promote a lower launch and more spin for heightened control on full swings. Hi-Toe 3 is one of the most versatile wedges we’ve ever created. The four-way camber allows for a wide sole with a low leading edge, which delivers optimal performance across all lies and playing conditions.

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