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Golfers have a complex relationship with water. While ponds, lakes and rivers add to the scenery, they also sit ready and willing to gobble up any errand shots. With the Professional Championship Staff Bag and Accessories, we take the glass half full approach and celebrate the natural beauty of H2O. Discover the details and inspiration beyond every design decision.

TM23 ACC PGA Championship LFS JPO 1941 V1
Design Inspiration

The cascading blue side panels reflect the flow of water. Rochester, the championship's host city, is famous for it waterways which include the Erie Canal and Lake Ontario. Keeping with the theme, the canal’s 35 locks are symbolized by golden rivets on the bag, representing the mechanisms that allow boats to move up and down along the canal’s natural elevations. 

TM23 ACC PGA Championship LFS JPO 2013 V1
The Mighty Oak

Detailed accents pay tribute to the treelined fairways of the host venue. A series of acorns along the bag symbolizes the four times the event has been held at the Rochester club, each one inscribed with the date of the tournament. In addition, the oak leaf interior lining offers a chic touch.

TM23 ACC PGA Championship LFS JPO 1994 V1
A Reflection of Rochester

The I-90 road sign adds a decorative touch and is a nod to the roadway from Rochester to Niagara Falls. The TaylorMade logo font was inspired the City of Rochester sign, while the Rochester Flower City patch highlights the city's rich heritage as The Flower City.

TM23 ACC PGA Championship LFS JPO 2035 V1
Headcover Collection

This collection is highlighted by premium patchwork, showcasing crisp oak leaves with clean numerical cresting. The designs capture the essence of the venue and the tradition of the championship.

TM23 ACC PGA Championship LFS JPO 1790 V1
TP5 pix Professional Championship

Celebrate the second major of the season with our limited-edition TP5 pix™ Professional Championship golf balls. Adorned by the signature acorn and oak leaf icons of the historic Rochester venue, these golf balls provide a combination of performance and aesthetics that are fitting of this major championship and the region.

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