In the heart of Japan, where his father's roots lie, Collin Morikawa scripted the sixth victory of his PGA TOUR Career, ending a 27-month winless streak in memorable fashion.

Against the backdrop of Accordia Golf Narashino Country Club, just northeast of Tokyo, Morikawa entered the final round two shots off the lead but wasted no time igniting his charge. His birdie at the third was followed by three more on the front nine shooting an impressive outward score of 30. That propelled him to a three-shot lead that he wouldn’t relinquish.

Morikawa’s victory was powered by a full complement of TaylorMade equipment.

Morikawa on his Milled Grind 4 Wedges: "I like the control of the MG4 and being able to see that through the turf is great. I used to have a lot heavier of a wedge and then learned having a little lighter headweight wedge I can get the club back to neutral where I want it when chipping. I always have issues with leading edge forward, leading edge digging in. Having the MG4 TW wedge I can get it back a little lighter and let the club get back before my hands and go from there. I feel like I have more control of the club. I can stay aggressive with my body keeping in front of me rather than having it behind me and going around."


Words From the Champion

"I knew there were a lot of holes left. I just knew I was still hitting my irons good. I just had to give myself opportunities. Just seeing good shots, seeing quality shots going forward, that’s important."

"I haven’t had a round like that in a while. I think it just shows that my head is in the right space. I’m very happy with how everything kind of came about, and obviously the nice little string of birdies was a nice momentum swing."

"I knew at the beginning of the week that the fans out here are obviously rooting for the Japanese players, but I like to count myself as a part Japanese player in that, so I felt the love."


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