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Golfers are a persnickety bunch. But when it comes to fairway woods, it’s often a whole other ball game. When someone finds a fairway wood they love, they tend to stick with it (Tiger Woods M3 5-wood anyone?). With that in mind, in recent history on the PGA TOUR, which admittedly is pay for play in many cases, more golfers have opted for TaylorMade fairways by choice than any other brand.

From the early looks of things, the 2024 lineup of Qi10 fairways promises to further solidify TaylorMade's leadership position in the category, with Rory McIlroy making the immediate switch into the Qi10 3-wood and 5-wood (full bag image below).

However, what’s played on Tour doesn’t always translate to what should go into your bag. Let's dive into the details on the Qi10, Qi10 Max, and Qi10 Tour fairway models to help you find the ideal fit for your game.

Titanium vs. Steel: Choosing Your Material

The choice between titanium and steel is the first layer of decision making. Titanium heads (Qi10 Tour) offer lower spin with increased adjustability, suitable for players looking to manipulate launch and trajectory, while also providing an ultra-low spin option that can be used for added distance off the tee.

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On the other hand, steel heads (Qi10 and Qi10 Max) provide higher MOI and more spin, making them incredibly forgiving and easy to hit. The nearly 50/50 split among PGA TOUR players emphasizes the importance of choosing based on your individual preferences and playing style. Are you looking for an alternative to driver off the tee or a seeking to dial in a certain distance?

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The Qi10 Fairway | Distance & Forgiveness Blend

The Qi10 Fairway strikes a perfect balance between distance and forgiveness, making it a favorite among both Tour professionals and amateur golfers. With features like the Infinity Carbon Crown and repositioned internal mass pads, this model delivers a clean design, vibrant sound and powerful distance. The precision CG location ensures a high launch and low spin, making it an excellent all-around performer.

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Qi10 Max Fairway | Extreme Forgiveness & Playability

For those seeking extreme forgiveness and playability, the Qi10 Max Fairway steps into the spotlight. Its larger front-to-back shape and increased inertia provide stability at impact. The ultra-high MOI construction and low CG projection make it TaylorMade's most forgiving fairway yet. With a shallower profile and extreme MOI, this model guarantees higher launch and forgiveness across the face, making it exceptionally easy to hit.

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Qi10 Tour Fairway | Three Fairways in One

The Qi10 Tour Fairway takes personalization to the next level with its titanium head and adjustable weight design. Boasting a lower profile moveable weight system and a 2° loft sleeve, golfers can tailor their experience for higher launch and stability or create a low-spin ball flight to maximize distance. The TSS weight and Infinity Carbon Crown complete a sleek look, making this fairway a Tour-proven powerhouse with the ability to create three fairway woods in one.

Finding Your Perfect Pair

With the Qi10 Fairways, golfers have the opportunity to explore three distinct models tailored to their preferences. Whether you prioritize a balanced blend, extreme forgiveness, or Tour-level customization, the Qi10 family has you covered. When making your decision, consider your playing style, how you’ll use the club (off the tee or attacking greens) and the unique features of each model to match your needs.

As always, the best way to dial things in is seeing your local clubfitter. TaylorMade has experts positioned across the country that are ready and waiting. Click below to find the nearest one.

In the absence of a fitter, it’s our hope that is article helps you determine which Qi10 Fairway deserves a home in your bag.

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