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Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and the rest of Team TaylorMade’s PGA Tour staff are usually the first to introduce the latest equipment to the masses, but not this time around. Early in July, Charley Hull was spotted with our new P7MB irons, just pipping Rory McIlroy to the big reveal by gaming them a week prior to their first outing on the PGA Tour. Whilst we couldn't divulge any information at the time, we can now share with you the details of her fitting.

“Hang on, I think that felt better….”
- Charley Hull
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We all know Charley to be a feel-based player, but if we take it back a step, first thing is to like the look of what we’re hitting! Right? Before Charley even hit her first shot with new P7MB, she loved the way they looked and commented on how they had a ‘matte’ finish compared to her P730’s which she preferred right away.

Eager to test them, she warmed up with her P730 gamers on the range at Wentworth. With her first shot of the new irons, she hit the sweet spot and commented straight away on how they felt more solid. As she continued to hit the P7MB’s the sound was noticeably better, a softer but compressed sound and this was apparent every time she went between the two clubs.

Although Charley has loved her P730 since joining Team TaylorMade, the look at address was one of the reasons the P7MB’s would be going straight into play. Preferring how they looked and felt and being confident in the playability she was adamant that these would become her new weapons.

“Sound is very much related to feel and that is why I believe she frequently commented ‘they feel better, more solid”
– Mark Thistleton, TaylorMade Tour Representative

Catching up with Mark after her fitting he said “She is a purist as most people who choose to play blades probably are, so the constant offset through the bag was more appealing to her. Her display with a 4iron was the best I have EVER seen! She literally grouped 7 4iron shots within 2.8 yards, same line, same flight and spin. Very impressive stuff.

Looking at her spin it appeared to be 100-200rpm higher. On review the P730’s had a slightly more draw biased spin axis, which will produce a slightly lower spin. So, my initial thoughts on this are that the CG being dragged more to centre helped her hit a more neutral flight. Her impact spot on all her clubs was dead centre, and we know traditionally blades have a slight heel bias sweet spot. So, it’s likely this tweaked CG location was impacting this.”

Her specs were matched to her current set with no adjustments made. A quick loft check on 2 clubs just to see if it made an impact to her spin, but each were identical, so all specs were left. This may change due to course conditions, but our team will wait for Charley’s feedback.

Fast forward to the Grand Final of the Rose Ladies Series, Charley added a Rose Ladies Series title to her list of accomplishments. After having to abandon the final day due to a wildfire, Charley's round of 65 at The Berkshire jumped her back to the top taking the overall title. First player to add P7MB into the bag and first to pick up a win!

You can see Charley tee it up at this week at the Aberdeen Standard Investments Ladies Scottish Open as the Ladies European Tour/ LPGA resumes. She'll then make the trip to Royal Troon for the AIG Women's Open.

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