TaylorMade is committed to the fight against counterfeit products. TaylorMade's global enforcement efforts are extensive and include a variety of areas such as working directly and collectively with local, federal and international agencies and actively participating in coalitions to rid the marketplace of fakes and help keep it clean for the golf consumer who is looking for the high quality merchandise that TaylorMade offers.

Among other anti-counterfeiting efforts, TaylorMade is part of the Golf Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group, working with other golf companies to combat the fakes and educate the consumer. To learn more about the Golf Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group and the most recent collective raid actions, activities and media coverage on this subject, visit http://www.keepgolfreal.com

Despite TaylorMade and the rest of the golf industry's efforts, sales of counterfeit and knock-off golf products to unsuspected consumers continues to occur. If you suspect you have purchased counterfeit TaylorMade product or have seen counterfeit product online or in a retail location, please let us know so we can continue our global enforcement efforts to combat fakes. While we do appreciate your assistance, TaylorMade does not provide compensation for this information and is not obligated to share the results of any investigation or enforcement efforts with you.