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TaylorMade’s 2017 M Fairway Family takes distance to the next level with improved performance technologies designed for all golfers.

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Power and Personalization

Take the personalized path to distance with M1 fairway's redesigned weight track. A single 25g sliding weight provides simple left-to-right adjustability to optimize ball flight for any swing.

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M1 Fairway Sole M1 Fairway Sole

Fairway Forgiveness

The 2017 M1 fairway features an open-channel Speed Pocket, delivering a new level of forgiveness to our longest adjustable fairway. Speed Pocket technology generates faster ball speed and lower spin for explosive distance.

M2 Fairway Sole M2 Fairway Sole


The 2017 M2 fairway brings Inverted Cone Technology into a fairway for the first time ever. Inverted Cone allows for an incredibly hot face at maximum COR limits for distance and forgiveness on every strike.

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Geocoustic engineering combines advanced sole shaping with externalized sound ribs to produce best-in-class sound and feel. Designed with a two-tiered sole, golfers will experience the same unreal distance of the original M2 with added playability from all lies.

M2 Fairway Sole M2 Fairway Sole


With a compact shape and forward weight port for improved workability, M2 Tour fairway delivers M2 horsepower in a size that suits the eye of the better player.

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I hit the 2017 M1 fairway and loved it right away. Then I hit M2, which felt equally amazing. It's tough to choose one because they are both so good, but that's a great problem for a golfer to have.”

— Dustin Johnson, Tour Professional

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M1 fairway

Key Features:
Adjustable Weight Track | Speed Pocket

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M2 fairway

Key Features:
Geocoustic Technology | Speed Pocket

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M2 Tour Fairway

Key Features:
Smaller Shape | Improved Workability

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Distance claim based on robot testing at tour player club head speed.