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Reconstructed So You Can Swing Away

First we reshaped the driver, then we reconstructed it. Completely rebuilding the driver from the ground up to give you more forgiveness and distance. Go ahead, the tee box is yours. Swing away.

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Don’t Just Want Better Shots, Expect Them

Engineered to help you hit better shots more often with the all-new Cap Back™ design. SIM2 Max and SIM2 Max OS have an intelligently optimized sweet spot that’s been strategically designed to give you better performance where you need it the most.

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We’ve Taken CG Lower to Take You Higher

When we brought back V Steel™ and combined it with SIM, our goal was simple. The lowest CG of any fairway we’ve ever created. In 2021, we've taken it low again. With a low CG, you can launch it higher with SIM2.

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Building on the Best

The Tour pedigree of SIM Max Rescue™ fueled the development of our next generation of hybrids, drawing inspiration from Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy and more. We’ve taken all the elements that made us a leader in distance and added the next level of versatility by refining V Steel™ in the SIM2 and SIM2 Max Rescues.

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Shaped for Versatility

There’s a critical part of your set that needs to be addressed. That space between your longest playable iron and shortest fairway wood. With SIM UDI & DHY, we’re giving you the confidence to take on any lie and the versatility to attack off the tee.

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