Frequently Asked Questions


While many counterfeit / copied clubs look strikingly similar to the clubs they try to emulate, they fall well short in the areas of performance, playability and safety.

We are sorry to hear about the issues you have encountered with your Taylormade golf club. We would like the opportunity to assist you in the repair or replacement of your club. We offer a two year warranty on all of our clubs from the date of purchase for all manufacturers’ defects.

Our warranty covers our clubs as purchased by the original consumer for two years from the date of purchase with the original receipt from an authorised retailer.

To visit our warranty policy online, please visit our Warranty Information

Although we are committed to being the best performance golf brand in the world, there is a very slight chance that a warranty situation may occur. It is our recommendation that the product be inspected by one of our authorized dealers. If you have any questions about the damage to your club, please call our Customer Service Department on 08000 724 692 to speak with a specialist. Customer Service hours: 9:00am to 17:00pm.

Warranty details can be found on our Warranty Information page

You can locate a retailer in your area by using our Retail Locator.

Our warranty covers our clubs with all original components. If any unconventional modifications have been done to the club after market or outside of our factory, the club's warranty is void. It is our sole discretion to determine whether any damage was caused to the club by any conventional modifications.

To view our warranty policy online, please visit our Warranty Information.

Online Orders

Personalised TaylorMade Clubs are built to your required specifications & shipped via FedEx normally within 3-4 working weeks.

Personalised TaylorMade Golf Balls are printed to your required specifications & shipped via DHL normally within 14 working days.

TaylorMade stock products are ship via DHL normally within 3-5 working days.

Freight lead times may vary, please refer to the tracking number on the ship confirmation email for more details.

Orders placed on, or are fulfilled by eShopWorld, TaylorMade’s preferred partner for international sales. You can track your order here. If you need further assistance with your order, please contact

Please contact +44 (0)8000 724 692, please note TaylorMade does not return personalised or bespoke orders unless they are faulty. If you wish to return any items placed on, or, please visit the eShopWorld’s Return Centre.

Direct to consumer personalised or bespoke orders are not subject to change or cancellation once the order has been placed.

Product Support

The serial numbers can be found etched into the back of the hosel on drivers, fairways, hybrids, and irons. Each club is individually serialized with its own unique number.

We have a Retail Locator set up to assist you in finding your nearest retail location. Just enter your zip or postal code and you will be returned a list of the closest retailers to choose from.

To clean your clubs, we recommend using a mild detergent, a damp cloth, and a soft nylon brush. Spending 5-10 minutes with your clubs after each round can keep your clubs looking like new.

We do have a number of different options of grips that fit our clubs. Your local authorized retailer should be able to assist you with placing a special order for the grips, if they do not have them in stock already. If you need assistance in finding your nearest retail location, please visit our Retail Locator.


If you are interested in employment with us, please visit Careers Page on our Web site for job listings and other valuable information.

All donation and sponsorship requests must be submitted via the contact us for on our website.

For assistance finding a custom fit retailer in your area, please use our Custom Fitting Locator.

Our Customer Relations Team would also be glad to help you locate a custom fitting account near you. Please call us on 08000 724 692 to speak with a customer service specialist, or complete the online contact form. Customer Service hours are 09:00am to 17:00pm Monday to Friday